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View from grassy backyard of a typical apartment complex building in suburban area at Humb
Join our exclusive community creating financial freedom through multifamily real estate investing.

We invest in Apartment Homes

Fortius Equity is a veteran owned multifamily real estate investment firm dedicated to helping our investors realize the power of financial freedom through multifamily real estate investing.

Passively invest in multifamily real estate without ever having to deal with a single tenant.

Why Invest Passively in Multifamily Real Estate?

Enjoy monthly or quarterly cash flow distributions typically beginning after the first full quarter of aquisition.

Cash Flow

Through professional management, we increase the net operating income creating forced appreciation. As a passive investor, you own some of that equity.

Tax Benefits

All tax benefits associated with accelerated depreciation carry over to you, reducing your tax liability on all forms of passive income.

Passive Ownership

Investing passively in multifamily real estate means never dealing with a single tenant or a broken toilet. As your operational partners, we do all the day-to-day management of these assets.

Historically Stable Investments

Housing is an enduring human need making multifamily homes historically a more stable and reliable investment compared to the stock market.

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